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Bike Boxes

One of my main challenges was how to get my bike to and from New York in a relatively cheap way.  Luckily, there is a service I found called BikeFlights.com.  They are specialists in shipping bikes and negotiated some good rates with FedEx.  So the cost to get my bike from LA to NY is […]


I have to admit I’ve been enjoying shopping for all the gear that I’ll need for the trip! Luckily, thanks to the odds and ends I’ve picked up over the years on my backpacking excursions, I don’t really need too much. I have all the essentials like the tent, sleeping bag, portable stove, etc.  So […]


Those who know me probably aren’t a stranger to the fact that I don’t really enjoy eating all that much. There are a lot of foods I like, and sometimes even crave, but if I could just not eat during the day and get those hours of my life back, then I probably would. So […]

Practice Ride

It’s dawning on me that the bike tour date is getting closer!  I’m also a little worried about whether or not I can actually, physically do all the biking! So in order to reassure myself I went on a 40-mile practice ride today.  I even loaded down the bike with both panniers and loaded them […]

The Great 2018 Bike Tour!

The plan is to ride my bike from Albany, NY to Rochester – a distance of about 260 miles over the course of 5 days. It’s about 50 miles per day, which I think is doable. Of course, I say that knowing full well that I have never ridden 50 miles at one time before! Not […]