One of my main challenges was how to get my bike to and from New York in a relatively cheap way.  Luckily, there is a service I found called  They are specialists in shipping bikes and negotiated some good rates with FedEx.  So the cost to get my bike from LA to NY is only about $70.  Not bad at all.

I obtained a bike box from a bike shop nearby.  So now I just have to take apart my bike and fit it in there.  I’ll also throw in my panniers and camping gear and stuff also.  Whatever I take on the plane with me is what I will need to bike with!  So I’m throwing everything into the box.

For the way back, I ordered a bike box to be delivered to Pat’s house so hopefully it’ll be waiting for me when I get there.  (If I get there!).  Then I just pack my bike up again and Bike Flights will pick it up.

Fingers crossed this all goes smoothly!